Teenagers Vs. The Horde (also commonly abbreviated TVSTH) is a 2018 Australian independent apocalyptic zombie-horror-comedy film directed and written by Brogan McMorrow and produced by Brogan McMorrow, Mitchell Honer and Jordan Love. It stars Brogan McMorrow, Christopher McKay, Kris Cetinski, Jordan Love, Karl King, Emran Fejzuli, John Drakakis, Bobby Le, Ryan Thompson, Matthew Eldridge and Georgina James. It is set to be released on January 18, 2018 in Australia. It was again pushed back and was Test Released on January 25, 2018 in Australia.

The DVD was released on March 5, 2019 and is available on eBay.

It's confirmed that filming for "Teenagers Vs. The Horde: The Series" is confirmed to begin February, 2020.


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Official Theatrical Poster Banner. Photography by Troy Rusty. in 2017.


  • Brogan McMorrow as Kai Matthews, a 19-year-old and leader of the Teenagers.
  • Christopher McKay as Bradley "Brad" Axel, Kai's best friend and member of the Teenagers.
  • Kris Cetinski as Chase Grey, a member of the Teenagers.
  • Jordan Love as Julian Hunter, a member of the Teenagers.
  • Karl King as Dozer
  • Emran Fezjuli as Orson Jones, a member of the Teenagers.
  • John Drakakis as Lance Ocean, a member of the Teenagers.
  • Bobby Le as Han Watanabe, a member of the Teenagers.
  • Ryan Thompson as Dylan Curtis, a member of the Teenagers.
  • Matthew Eldridge as Seth Galecki
  • Georgina James as Hazel Galecki
  • J. Nathaniel Mann as Barney, a video store owner aswell as Kai and Brad's boss.
  • Alexander Cuff as Professor Clyde
  • Gordon Yang as Sergeant Sterling Newman
  • Andrew Cremen as Sergeant Conobe
  • Max Lawrence as Billy, a 15-year-old runaway.
  • Corinne Deanna Campbell as Dianna Matthews, Kai's mother.
  • Erin Levy as Brina Jensen, Kai's girlfriend.

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